Where To Buy

Pauline’s novels have been worldwide bestsellers since the 1970s. As a result, there is a bewildering array of printings and imprints in almost twenty languages from publishers all over the globe.


Buy on Amazon in your local marketplace in the US, Canada, France, Germany, and Spain.

Buy directly from the publishers:
English-language editions:
The Chicago Review Press (Child of the Morning, The Eagle and the Raven, Stargate, The Twelfth Transforming) featuring introductions by the wonderful historical novelists Michelle Moran (for Child of the Morning) and Donna Gillespie (for The Eagle and the Raven)
Penguin Random House (The King’s Man trilogy, Lords of the Two Lands trilogy, Lady of the Reeds series)

Spanish-language editions:
(Worldwide) Ediciones Pamies (Child of the Morning, The Eagle and the Raven, The Twelfth Transforming, Scroll of Saqqara/Mirage, House of Dreams, House of Illusions)

German-language editions:
(Worldwide) Rowohlt


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