Stargate released by the Chicago Review Press

Chicago Review Press to re-release Stargate

The Chicago Review Press is re-releasing Stargate in June 2016.

Details at their website.

“…ambitious and serious fantasy, a vivid portrait of rich civilizations and their fall from the heavenly kingdom.” – Richmond Times-Dispatch

Originally released in 1982, Stargate earned critical acclaim around the world and has become a classic in the fantasy and sci-fi genre.  It was nominated for the Canadian SF and Fantasy Association’s Prix Aurora Award in 1983, a year in which no winner was declared.

The Chicago Review Press has also released Pauline’s classics Child of the Morning and The Eagle and the Raven in their Rediscovered Classics line, with forewords by Michelle Moran and Donna Gillespie respectively.  They have been wonderful publishers, releasing these novels with the original Dillon artwork in 4 different formats including tradeback and EPUB.


Original cover art as published by The Dial Press, 1982

In the earliest years of the history of the universe, the Worldmaker has turned against his creations with unaccountable malice. One by one the ruling sun lords of each solar system have fallen, succumbing to the lure of forbidden knowledge. The terrible punishment for their crime is isolation—the Gates connecting their worlds to the rest of the cosmos are sealed off. Their innocence lost, their civilizations hopelessly corrupted, the immortal sun people are condemned to languish with their subjects in an eternity of solitude. With courageous and often desperate measures the remaining sun lords now prepare themselves and their subjects for a battle unlike any they have ever imagined. The final struggle has begun.

Unfolding with epic power, Stargate is conceived with a richness, subtlety, and depth that set it apart from most fantasy fiction. And like Pauline Gedge’s critically acclaimed historical novels, it is written with a vividness that is unforgettable.

Excerpts from English-language reviews of Stargate

“Mystic tales of cosmic proportion are not uncommon in fantasy but they are seldom this well done.  Gedge has reworked the timeless elements of creation and sacrifice into a fascinating tapestry of jealousy, fear and courage.” – Telestar

“As a describer of a fantasy world, Gedge must have few peers.  Her word pictures of her strange planets enable us to visualize them easily and to believe in their existence.” – Victoria Times Colonist

“It is no easy feat to write a creation story, even one which is set in an alien universe (but) novelist Gedge takes up these challenges in this, her third book – and… pulls off a winner.” – Edmonton Journal

“Gedge is a skilled stylist and her prose is luminous and poetic… those with a taste for poetry and spiritual speculation may well be pleased with this theological thriller.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“A stunning trip through time and space.  Stargate is like a powerful dose of a mood-altering drug; it’s a trip that reaches not only the heights of the unknown but of the unimaginable as well.” – The Magazine

Stargate‘s mystical visions and struggles… are the struggle towards the excitement and dawn of mutability.” – Fantasy Newsletter

“Besides being an adventure fantasy Stargate is a fable chronicling in allegoric form the development of the human psyche from untested innocence through frailty, uneasy knowledge and mortality to the acceptance of common humanity and its struggle as the next and better stage.  A well-done book that can be read on several levels.” – Toronto Arts News

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