This is a rare opportunity to obtain your own reproduction of Leo and Diane Dillon’s cover art as they first appeared when released by the publishers as promotional posters.

The first four of Pauline’s novels featured the work of New York-based illustrators Leo and Diane Dillon, commissioned specifically for those novels by the publishers.  Child of the Morning (1977), The Eagle and the Raven (1978), and Stargate (1982) were released by The Dial Press and MacMillan of Canada, and The Twelfth Transforming (1984) was published by MacMillan and Harper & Row.

In their fifty years of collaboration, the Dillons created some of the most renowned and memorable artwork the publishing industry has ever seen.  Between 1971 and 2012 they received no less than 22 awards.  Their cover of Why Mosquitoes Buzz In People’s Ears won them the first of two consecutive Caldecott Medals.

To augment promotion of these novels, MacMillan and Dial released posters of the cover art.  These were produced in very limited numbers, not offered for sale and intended only for promotional purposes.  Highly prized by collectors, many of these were lost over the years and became very difficult to obtain.

The Dillons very seldom authorized their work for sale beyond that directly commissioned, so the marriage of four of the most influential novels in their genre with the artwork of two of the most renowned names in the literary art world is rare enough.   The fact that these are available for sale is rarer still.

The artwork for The Twelfth Transforming was never released as a promotional poster, but due to its uniqueness as the last of the Dillon covers commissioned for Pauline’s work we are offering it as well.  Whether you’re a fan of Pauline’s novels or not, this gorgeous artwork will be a beautiful addition to any wall.