Over the years I have been privileged to make the acquaintance of many whom my novels affected in a positive way.  Taking pen in hand, they have written from all corners of the globe to connect with me.

I am not, though, an emailer, a blogger, an electronic connector.  The only reason I have this website in the first place is because my son pestered me for years about it and I finally gave in.  I am not entirely sure what to think of my words out there in the electronic ether unless they are serving to create and sustain a character or their story.  I am not afraid of technology, but for some reason unknown to me I find it a bigger leap to go from writing a book to writing a blog than it was to go from typewriter to computer, or for that matter from pen to typewriter.  Besides, the simple fact is that I have no interest in blogging.  I’m even suspicious of the word.  “Blog.”  It conjures up the image of a gelatinous belching mass of zeroes and ones coating the inside of my computer for its own nefarious purposes as I sleep.  And when it comes to email, I did have an internet connection, but it was dialup and I paid by the minute.  That probably sounds comical to most people, but the same minimalism that attracts me to ancient Egypt carries over to my approach to gadgets with strange icons that ask me questions.  In the technological arena, as far as I’m concerned at least, less is more.

I have often said that if one wants to know me, all one need do is know my characters.  They live through me, and I through them.  Having said that, however, it may come as a surprise to learn that my library has several biographies in it.  I share the same interest in those whose work I find interesting as everyone else does.  But there are already interviews with me one can find both in print and on the computer screen, and although I dislike having to find the right word when I speak, I represent myself accurately in them.

I hope therefore, dear visitor, that you will understand why there is no way to email me through this site, let alone a Gelatinous Blog.  It just simply isn’t the way I like to do things.  I am a private person.   I keep to myself.

If, however, you take the time to write me a letter and put it in a mailbox, I will always respond.  My agent forwards all written correspondence to me, and I am always touched when readers want to reach out.  There is something about the reality of a letter that an email just does not have, and I welcome the daily trip to the mailbox.  Perhaps your letter will arrive on a day when no bills accompany it, and perhaps the same will be said of my reply to you.

Please direct all written correspondence to yours truly, Pauline Gedge, in care of Bella Pomer at The Bella Pomer Agency, 355 St. Clair Avenue West, Suite 801, Toronto, ON, Canada M5P 1N5.