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The King's Man trilogy
The King's Man
Seer of Egypt
The Twice Born

Lords of the Two Lands
The Horus Road
The Oasis
The Hippopotamus Marsh
(Lords of the Two Lands)

House of Illusions
House of Dreams
(Lady of the Reeds)

The Covenant
Scroll of Saqqara (Mirage)
The Twelfth Transforming
The Eagle and the Raven
Child of the Morning

Primarily known for bringing characters to life from ancient Egypt, Pauline's inspiring and thought-provoking novels have sold over six million copies worldwide, winning prizes in her native Alberta, Canada as well as abroad.  She has been interviewed not only as an author but also as an expert on ancient Egypt.  With thirteen novels published to date, her work continues to be enjoyed by readers all over the world.

Whether you are a newcomer to her books or have been a fan for years, please take your time and acquaint yourself with all things Pauline on the site.  On your way out, visit the online store and discover why on average a new Pauline Gedge novel has been sold to a wonderful reader of impeccable taste every three minutes for over thirty years.